Frequently asked questions

What is the exchange fee?
You can trade your money for whatever currency you wish, When you decide to trade. There is a flat rate of 3 unit for every currency , up to 1000. For any amount Exceeding of 1000. the system will calculate and display the exact fee which will added to be withdrawn from your bank account. Basic Example : For 1000.00 GBP , 1000.00+ flat rate of (3 GBP unit) = 1003.00 GBP .
How long should it take for my money to reach my DirectDay account?
No more than 4 hours within working hours
What currencies are supported?
DirectDay currently supports GBP, Euro and CAD currencies.
Can I send money into my account in the form of cash, cheque or bank draft?
Only bank transfer will be processed.
How do I exchange money in my DirectDay account?
You can choose the closest item from currency market or create a sell item to be placed in currency market.
When can I exchange my money?
It usually takes about 24 hours.
Can I edit a request?
Yes, you can edit or cancel your request while it is in currency market and has not been bought by other users